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Maple Rock Farm was founded in the year 2000 by John Steward. The historic homestead is located on Orcas Island in the San Juan archipelago of northwestern Washington State.

We currently have four acres of organic produce, berries and fruit under cultivation. Our produce can be found on the menus of several of Orcas Island's finest restaurants. We also sell at the Orcas Island Farmer's Market every Saturday (in season) and operate a 60 member CSA.

Our goal of providing fresh, pesticide-free, locally grown produce to residents of Orcas Island is consistantly attained with ingenuity, commitment, energy, patience and hard work. We are not striving to be a big production farm, but growth is inevitable as the community becomes increasingly aware of - and commited to - the benefits of eating locally, organically, and seasonally. As we grow, we strive to maintain the integrity of the farm's goal of diversity and quality at a fair price. We are actively involved in local agriculture issues as we hope to maintain and preserve the unique legacy of farming on Orcas Island.

Maple Rock Farm is a constantly evolving organism. See our mrf blog. We are always looking to the future sustainability of the farm and hoping to improve our methods in order to attain this goal. We are proud of the work we do and our pride shows in the beauty of our produce. We are honored daily by being able to live a life of intention, of hard work, and meaning. We all derive a great deal of joy from farming and we are lucky to be able to share our bounty with our community, Orcas Island.

Driving instructions from the ferry: Turn left after disembarking from the ferry, continue 2.6 miles on the Orcas Highway to Pinneo Road. Turn right (East) on Pinneo Road (opposite the Westsound turn-off) Continue for 6/10ths of a mile; stay left at the Y. We are at the very end of Pinneo Road.

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