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Maple Rock Farm Community Supported Agriculture Information.

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative distribution system for fresh local produce where members buy a 'share' from a farm early in the season, in return for a share of the harvest throughout the year. This pledge helps the farm with start-up costs like seed and equipment, and allows them time to focus on growing food instead of marketing it.

Why join a CSA?

-Fresh, local, diverse and seasonal produce throughout the year.
-You, as a member, get a say in what we grow. We're listening.
-Support your local farmer and economy.
-Save money by buying direct.
-Ensure ecological stewardship of the island's agricultural land.
-Know your farmer. Learn where your food comes from.

Know your farmer

Know your food

About our farm

Maple Rock Farm was founded in 2000 by John Steward and is currently growing vegetables on seven acres of Orcas Island farmland. We have been working hard with the support of our community, to provide produce that is delicious, lovingly-grown and free from GMOs and pesticides.

We derive a great deal of joy from farming and sharing our bounty with CSA members and local restaurants, including our own, Hogstone, which offers wood-oven pizza and Northwest agrarian cuisine. With the opening of the restaurant we have begun co-evolving into a culinary hub where farm, farm stand and table meet.

CSA the Maple Rock way
We take the untraditional approach to CSA, forgoing the model of set harvest boxes. Our members choose what and how much they want from our farm stand at Hogstone throughout the week, and we keep track of their account like a tab.

This pre-pay credit system allows members to get an abundance when they need it, and to go on vacation without feeling like they've missed out on a week's share. We keep track of the accounting and members enjoy a cashless transaction with each visit.

Membership payments start at $200 and fresh local produce will be provided year-round. A $200 membership equates to spending about $15 a month at the farm stand. A $500 membership equates to spending about $10 weekly throughout the year... to give some idea of how far the credit stretches.

Larger payments up-front help us estimate how much food to grow, and ensure that we meet early operating costs.

Jay Blackinton, co-founder of Hogstone restaurant, and John Steward, founder of Maple Rock Farm and Hogstone.

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